Special Event #1 / THE CLASH

Date / February 2nd, 2019
Track / Daytona 

Cars(s) / NASCAR Gen6

Eligibility / Silver & Gold Season Pass
Race Length /  75 laps 

Cautions ON

Start /  Rolling
Restart /
  Double File, Lapped at Back, Lucky Dog On

Weather /

Sim Date / May 15th

Sim Time / 9:07 pm (Night)

Track State / 0%

Time of Day: Night 

Race Day Schedule / (times listed in London)

Event Specific Rules & Procedures / 


Races will be in HOSTED (not league) using the Tournament Mode of iRacing. All Season Pass Holders will be sent the session password, registrations are not required. 

Tournament Format
Round 1 - Qualifying (4 laps)

Round 2 - The Clash (75 laps)

Drivers MUST join the server and put in qualifying time. 
After qualifying is over, drivers should exit the server and join the discord server while leaving the Hosted Area of iRacing up. 

At roughly 15 minutes after the hour the race server will open and drivers will be grid sequentially based on Qualifying Time. 

Race Rules /

Drivers must maintain their lanes on restarts until past S/F line. No passing below double yellow line (apron). Lap cars to stay on top lane once lead cars within 1 second on relative (F3 Box). Further, damaged cars must be able to hit a minimum safe speed (53s lap times).

Prizes / 

1st  - $75

2nd - $50

3rd - $25

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