Round 5 / 2.4h Nurburgring

Date / April 28th, 2019
Track / Nurburgring Combined (24h config) 

Cars(s) / Porsche 911 GT3, Kia Optima, Global Mazda MX5

Eligibility / League members with valid Series License
Race Length /  2.4 hours / 14 LAPS

Cautions OFF

Start /  Rolling
Restart /

Incident Cap / 66

Weather (Race & Practice) /


Sim Date / May 15th

Sim Time / Sunrise

Track State / 0%

Weather (Qualifying)  / 


Air Temperature: 70
Wind Speed:  2 N

Atmosphere:   55
Skies: Clear
Time of Day: Afternoon

Track State : 100%

Team & Region Change Deadline / 
Wed, Apr 24th - 12:01 am (Los Angeles) (8:01 am London)

Race Week Schedule / 

  • Open Practice (Sat thru Sat, 24 hours a day)

  • Minimum Practice - 6 laps

  • Qualifying (Sat thru Sat, 4 times per day)
    Open Qualifying - 60 min

Race Day Schedule / 

  • Open Practice (2 hours prior to Green Flag)

  • Driver's Meeting (15 minutes prior to Green Flag)

Green Flag Times by Region /

Event Specific Rules & Procedures / 


This is a Predator Race. 

* Only the slowest class will take the grid at the start of the race. 

* Kia and Porsche drivers will wait until the "missed grid" button appears. At which time they can get in their cars and WAIT on pit road IN THEIR STALLS. 

* After a predetermined handicap time the Kia will be released. 
* Finally, once their handicap has expired the Porsche will be released. 
* For the Kia and the Porsche racing does not begin until you have passed the pit exit cone. 

* Slower classes are not required to create passing opportunities for the faster classes, but they are NOT allowed to block at all. ZERO defensive moves are allowed. You are allowed to run your line, but you are not allowed to "react" to a trailing driver. 

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