Round 6 / Indy 500

Date / May 19th, 2019
Track / Indianapolis (indy oval) 

Cars(s) / Dallara IR18

Eligibility / League members with valid Series License
Race Length /  200 laps 

Cautions ON

Start /  Rolling
Restart /
  Single File, Lucky Dog OFF

Inc Limit / 26

Weather (Race & Practice) /


Sim Date / May 15th

Sim Time / Morning

Track State / 0%

Weather (Qualifying)  / 


Air Temperature: 70
Wind Speed:  2 N

Atmosphere:   55
Skies: Clear
Time of Day: Afternoon

Track State : 100%

Team & Region Change Deadline / 
Wed, May 15th - 12:01 am (Los Angeles) (8:01 am London)

Open Practice / 

  • Schedule (Sat thru Sat, 24 hours a day)

  • Minimum Practice - 75 laps

Qualifying / 

  • Schedule (Sat thru Sat, every 4 hours)

  • Lone Qualifying - 4 LAP AVERAGE (all four laps must be clean)

Race Day Schedule / 

  • Open Practice (2 hours prior to Green Flag)

  • Fast Nine Qualifier (50 min prior to Green Flag)

  • Driver's Meeting (15 minutes prior to Green Flag)

Green Flag Times by Region /

Event Specific Rules & Procedures / 


Qualifying & Fast 9 Shootout

Q1 - Sat. May 11th thru Wed. May 15th ( Last session )

Q2 - Thu. May 16th thru Sat. May 18th
(International Last Session) (Euro & Americas Last Session)

Q3 - Fast 9 Shootout immediately before the race in each region and broadcast live. 

The fastest nine drivers in each region from Q1 will make up the field for the Fast 9 Shootout. Drivers who missed out on the Fast 9 or who didn't have a chance to qualify in Q1 can qualify in Q2. Times from Q1 or Q2 will be used to fill out the grids from 10th on back and in any Sportsman splits. 


IndyCar rules for pace laps and restarts apply: Restarts will be single-file, with wave around’s given to all drivers in front of leader. Any restart with 10 or fewer laps to go will have all lap down cars moved to the end of the line. 

Cars exiting the pits MUST stay on the access road until they reach the back straight, and MUST keep their tires below the white line between turns 1 and 2. Pit Entry is on exit of turn 4; access road is NOT required. Weaving or ‘snaking’ in an attempt to break the draft IS legal, however any reactionary blocking move is not.

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