April 23, 2020

Andrew Waring from Americas (UDOX) and Matt Danson from International won the Roval and Oval races respectively, but Team Europe lead by Dallas Pataska  and a swarm of Grizzly Motorsports drivers dominated the Top 10 in each race, but most importantly Europe kept their guys out of trouble and cruised to the overall victory. 


Final Standings
Europe | 539 pts
Americas | 494
International | 459

Despite being a man down, the International Team was right in the thick of the battle. They had four drivers in the Top 10 at the Roval (Danson, Scurlock, Dance and Stadler) , were in 2nd place and within striking distance of Europe. A little bad luck saw them with only two drivers in the Top 10 at the oval (Danson 1st, and Stevens 10th) and they ultimately faded to 3rd. 

Americas were led by some dark horse and maybe up and coming drivers in Andrew Waring and Johnny Nichols, will be interesting to see if this is a...

December 11, 2019

The rule changes for 2019 restricting movement of drivers between teams made putting the teams together at the beginning of the year a critical process for ensuring they were, and stayed, competitive and the same will be true in 2020, with a couple of changes that make the process potentially even more complex.

In this article, I'll explain the new rules that impact this and the thought process I'll be going through when selecting the Kinetic teams.

Pro / Sportsman / Junior Teams

What was clear in 2019 was that to be competitive in the Pro team category (now renamed Elite), you needed to have at least 4, preferably 5 Pro drivers running in each event. With the change to running specific Sportsman splits (which will always happen in Americas and is likely to happen often in Europe/International), this will be even more critical in 2020 because Sportsman drivers will not be able to get close to the same level of points as pro drivers.

In 2020, Sportsman teams are restricted to 2 (rather than...

November 5, 2019

OK, so I'll incur the wrath of many Americans and say that the 24 Heures du Mans is the worlds most famous motor race. The Indy 500 comes close but Le Mans is just ... special.

The official circuit name is Circuit de la Sarthe. Le Mans refers to the nearby town - the original race took place on the road between Le Mans, Arnage and Mulsanne. The circuit has gradually changed over the years - the current circuit is CIRCUIT N° 16!

The 1st race was held in 1923 and the 1st dominant manufacturer was Bentley with 5 wins up until 1930 when they withdrew, saying that they'd learnt enough about speed and reliability.  When the race resumed after WWII in 1949, Ferrari became the dominant manufacturer, challenged in turn by Aston-Martin, Jaguar and Mercedes - Until the 1960's.

In 1955, a major crash caused large fragments of debris (like most of a car!) to fly into the crowd, killing 83 spectators and French driver Pierre Bouillin (who raced under the name Pierre Levegh) and injuring nearly 180...

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