June 25, 2018

While most teams encountered trouble and challenges, most also survived and crossed the line after 24 hours, champions of the spirit of Le Mans.  An amazing twenty four of the starting 30 were there at the end, some in better shape than others, but they were there nonetheless. 

The select few who would avoid calamity throughout were able to find themselves fighting for a podium or even a win. 

In LMP2 and GTE, it was Torque Freak Racing who best mastered the track and their minds as they swept those two classes and as result receive full entry into the 2019 Majors Series, season passes and all.

The Arnage team battled Team MAD all race, but in the end had enough and little more to hold off their European region rivals. 

The Raidillon team owned the GTE class, ending four laps clear of 2nd place RoadBasterds. 

As for LMP1... 12 teams took to the grid, the best 12 teams in the constructor standings all were chasing the coveted overall Le Mans victory, the $500 first prize and the honor...

June 13, 2018

Fourth and final article, in a few hours we will be sending out an link to the Mid-Season survey. 

I've seen it said that iRacing within sim racing is a niche within a niche and that the number of participants will always be pretty small. Maybe, but I have also seen the recent ground swell of momentum towards the (more) mainstream. Real motor sports have taken notice and we seem to be in this awkward place where there are lots of opinions on the role of sim racing under the motor sports umbrella. Some think it's a legitimate training tool, others are more interested in it from a marketing perspective. (that is code for...they want want to make money off it) 

Ahh yes, the money. Is there money in sim racing? Well, that's kind of like asking "was there gold in California in the mid 1800's?" The answer is yes, but you have to die first to get it. 

I will admit, running this series sometimes feels a bit like that. (wow, that was a ridiculously long lead up!) Each year it s...

June 12, 2018

What is it that each of us is looking for every time we strap into our rigs?


Whether that competition be against the; track, ourselves or our opponents, we are not looking for an easy victory, we are looking for a test and the tougher the better. 

And that is the topic at hand. How do we improve the competition, both in numbers and ability? How do we make our own challenge, even harder? It's an important subject as we have so many drivers in the series and the ability levels vary greatly. Those who struggle early may not come back, resigned to the idea that they just are not good enough to compete. 

That thinking is flawed, as this series has never been and will never be about catering only to the fastest among us. There is a place for anyone willing to embrace the challenge. With just a little support and a little camaraderie, I believe that most drivers will flourish here. The more drivers who are competing at their personal highest level means more and better competiti...

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