October 30, 2017

The empire it seems, truly is no match for the Alliance. (ok, sorry, couldn't help it) 

Alliance racing, captained by 2016 Drivers Champion Jason Fleischli has done the double. They have successfully defended their crown and held off the likes of Elite West, Grizzly Motorsports Ridin Shotgun and Mountain West. How strong is Alliance? The sister team, Alliance Evolution placed an amazing 3rd in the standings.

Congratulations; Jason Fleischli, Lionel Calisto, Brian Bennett, Mike Smith and Ryan Thoma. 

Final Constructor Standings - 

1st - Alliance Racing

2nd - Elite West 

3rd - Alliance Evolution

4th - Grizzly Motorsports

5th - Ridin' Shotgun Racing

Full Standings

October 30, 2017

Little Train... no, more like Night Train!
#2... no, definitely more like #1!

Lionel Calisto has just capped off an incredible three year run in the Pacific Majors by finishing; 2nd in 2015, 2nd in 2016 and finally, deservedly 1st place in 2017. Lionel is the the 2017 Mario Andretti Driver of the Year. 

He competed in all 14 events making him one of our Iron Men. He won his club championship (California) for the third year in a row and is a member of the back to back constructor champions, Alliance Racing.  On the season he had seven top 5's and one victory (New Hampshire). 

What can he do for an encore? Can he be the first driver to repeat as champion? Can he become the first unified Champion of the Majors Series, besting his counterparts from the; Atlantic, European and International regions? 

Those are good questions, but what I wan to know is... will he wear the #1???

Congratulations Lionel!

October 27, 2017

There are many ways to distribute points in racing and seemingly more being created every year. For us the most important purpose any points structure is to crown a deserving champion. Next it should accurately rank the remaining drivers and lastly it should encourage continued participation by as many drivers as possible. 

With more variation in grid sizes in 2018 it became important to make the points linear. No longer will the 1st place points in any of the Sportsman splits be fixed. 

If for example the Pro split has 55 drivers in it, last place will get 129 points. 1st place in the Sportsman 1 split will get 128 pts (the equivalent to 56th place).  If we are running a dirt race and the A Main has 15 drivers then 15th place would get 189 pts and 1st place in Sportsman 1 would get 186 pts (equivalent to 16th place). Below are the first 30 places to give you an idea. 

Place / Points

1st / 250

2nd/ 240

3rd / 235

4th/ 232

5th/ 219

6th / 216

7th / 213

8th / 210

9th / 207


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