Round 8 / Detroit Grand Prix

Date / June 23rd, 2019
Track / Belle Isle 

Cars(s) / Dallara IR18

Eligibility / League members with valid Series License
Race Length /  35 laps (2 races)  

Cautions OFF

Start /  Rolling
Restart /

Inc Limit / 

Weather (Race & Practice) /


Sim Date / May 15th

Sim Time / Morning

Track State / 0%

Weather (Qualifying)  / 


Air Temperature: 70
Wind Speed:  2 N

Atmosphere:   55
Skies: Clear
Time of Day: Afternoon

Track State : 100%

Team & Region Change Deadline / 
Wed, June 19th - 12:01 am (Los Angeles) (8:01 am London)

Open Practice / 

  • Schedule (Sat thru Sat, 24 hours a day)

  • Minimum Practice - 40 laps

Qualifying / 

  • Schedule (Sat thru Sat, every 4 hours)

  • Lone Qualifying - 4 Laps

Race Day Schedule / 

  • Open Practice (2 hours prior to Green Flag)

  • Driver's Meeting (15 minutes prior to Green Flag)

Green Flag Times by Region /

Event Specific Rules & Procedures / 


The "Dual in Detroit" will in fact be two races. 

The grid for race one will be set by week of qualifying times and the race two will have an attached qualifying session. 

Each race will be 35 laps. 

Points will be normal single split race points, Race one will get half, and Race two will get half. 

Time of Day - Race one session will open in Morning, will have 120 minutes of warmup and will go green. Race two will open at Noon, will have a 10 minute qualifying session and then will go green. 


Session Advance - Race will will likely me manually advanced by an Admin at some point before the allotted practice session is over. This will be based on when race one ends and the drivers come into the session. 

Track Blockage - If you are involved in an incident, are blocking the track and can not safely and quickly get going again, you must TOW. Failure to tow when deemed necessary may result in a significant penalty. 

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