About the majors

In the world of Motorsport there are races and then, there are Majors. 

The Majors Series gives sim racing enthusiasts the opportunity to race in the most prestigious and iconic motor races in the world via the iRacing simulator.  We celebrate, honor, teach and replicate many of the greatest traditions within the sport. Our series is like no other, real or sim.


How it started...

In May of 2013 the Northwest Club decided to stage its' own Indy 500. Twenty six drivers took part and from there the idea of a full fledged series of "Majors" was born. 

Mario Andretti Connection...

To succeed in the Majors Series, drivers must excel at all different types of racing. In the history of racing, no driver has been more versatile or universally skilled than Mario Andretti. In 2016 Mr. Andretti graciously granted the Majors Series use of his name on our Champions Trophy, and so the "Mario Andretti Drivers Champion" was born. 


Such a fun series and a great group of people!
~ Andy Kennedy


I love the variety of the races, the respectful racers. I also like how there are alternate championships in addition to just the main Pro & Sportsman championships. You can always find someone to race. The club championship as a way of feeling like you're part of something bigger. 

~ Christopher Sherburn


Simply put.... Pacific Majors is THE Best series Ive ever been a part of in my 3 years in iRacing. 
From the standpoints of Organization, Series Integrity, Formats, Coverage, Participants (always large grids), Clean Racing Competition, and Attitudes, you feel like family here.. Mike and crew do an outstanding job... this is how to do it, this is how it should be. 
Pacific Majors has set the benchmark in organized league racing. Just look at the GSRC viewers numbers of the series and watch any of the races, they are all close and entertaining.

~ Jason Fleischli


...realism. iRacing is a great service, but, for me, the ability to join as many races each week as you want takes a little bit away from that. It's just not realistic to do so. I like the official series, but, in my mind, I more enjoy having limited race dates, where you have to spend time practicing and preparing, doing setup testing and getting your car set just right for that one race, and good or bad, however you finish is what you get. There are no "do overs", and you can't enter another race 2 hours later. 

It raises the stakes and makes each race mean more. Then there are the people. Having this series limited to just 4 clubs means you get to see a lot of the same people each race. Just like in real racing, you see the same people week in and week out, and you get to know them. Obviously, this is just sim racing, but each little aspect of these things helps to make it seem a little more realistic. 

Plus, when you race with the same people each time, you generally tend to get a better quality race, and usually more respectful racing. 

~ Sam Boren


Absolutely one of the most competitive and fun series I have ever ran on iRacing.

~ Blake Reynolds

Absolute fantastic time yesterday/week preparing for this league. You and the guys have something special here. Haven't had this much fun since GT Academy.

~Steve Driscoll

What a great raceday!!! One of the best racing experience of my life and i would say thank you that I can be a part of it!  Thanks again to all of your major series team,very good work!! 
~ Patrick Niese

competition committee

The Competition Committee's main goal is to be good stewards of the series, to adhere to and promote the core values of the series.

The committee is comprised of series members who are passionate about the series, care about its' long term future and offer ideas and experience to improve. 

If you ever need to reach the committee, shoot us an email at


Mike started the Majors Series with a simple idea. "Let's have an Indy 500 for the Northwest Club". You can usually find Mike listening to elevator music in the Discord Headbangers Ball Channel. Mike resides in Vancouver, WA. 


Wayne is a transplanted Canuck living in Vancouver, WA and has been with the Majors Series since the beginning and has been a crucial part of the team for most of that time. 

Wayne maintains the rule book and does virtually all the work updating the live qualifying each round.


John is a dyed-in-the-wool racer. An IRL racer, racing instructor, racing school owner, sim racer and sim racing team owner, John has racing in his blood. He was wrangled into joining the Competition Committee in 2017 and has been an integral part of the team ever since. John is charge of all things "Team" related in the Majors and he runs the support series.


Andreas is even cooler than that photo. He is The Fonz cool, maybe... he actually is the Fonz? Andreas joined the CC in 2019 and he is the Chief Steward. He is a voice of reason when we come up with bad ideas. As you can imagine he is a busy guy.


Travis is a 23 year old young gun in the Majors hailing from Minnesota. On the track and in the committee he brings patience and composure beyond his years. Travis reviews all protests that come in and provides his input on a host of issues we encounter.


Eric is our newest committee member and he always has creative ideas for how to better the series. He helps to review all protests that come in each round. 

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