What is the Majors?

In the world of Motorsport there are races and then there are Majors. 

The Majors Series gives sim racing enthusiasts the opportunity to race in the most prestigious and iconic motor races in the world via the iRacing simulator.  We celebrate, honor, teach and replicate many of the greatest traditions within the sport. Our series is like no other, real or sim. JOIN US!


How it started...

In May of 2013 the Northwest Club decided to stage its' own Indy 500. Twenty six drivers took part and from there the idea of a full fledged series of "Majors" was born. 

Mario Andretti Connection...

To succeed in the Majors Series, drivers must excel at all different types of racing. In the history of racing, no driver has been more versatile or universally skilled than Mario Andretti. In 2016 Mr. Andretti graciously granted the Majors Series use of his name on our Champions Trophy, and so the "Mario Andretti Drivers Champion" was born. 







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