May 26, 2020

Please welcome Andreas Robertsson to the role of "Chief Steward" for the Majors Series. Andreas has been on the competition committee for two years and always brings a thoughtful, level headed approach to everything we encounter. 

Andreas is taking over for Wayne Hutchison who has served in this role since 2017. Wayne has done an incredible job all this time in one of the most thankless jobs any series can have. The amount of hours he has spent; processing protests, communicating with drivers, updating penalties and licences has been tremendous and I am so appreciative. Don't worry though, Wayne isn't going anywhere, he will continue to be in charge of the Live Qualifying during race week and will still be instrumental in helping to develop the rule book each year. 

On the topic of officiating, we do occasionally field concerns about "bias" in our rulings. While I can't claim we are perfect, and for sure I will never expect everyone to agree with all our rulings, I can out...

May 9, 2020

The Toolkit setups are back, but with a completely new look and structure, but before we get into that too much, let's rewind just a touch. (this a long-ish read, but I think the payoff is oh so worth it)

One of the things I am most proud of with the Majors is how we; welcome and encourage drivers of all skill levels. Now, because of the diversity of our racing, we have long felt it was important to make sure that all members had a decent start to each round. That is why we came up with the Toolkit idea. Now the toolkit program has sometimes been great and at other times it has been non-existent. As of late, it has been mostly the latter.  

In 2019 we came up with the "Factory Team" concept and required that all Factory teams supply at least one Toolkit setup during the year. To say this was unpopular would be a great understatement and looking back it was wrong to force teams to  provide something for their competition. 

While we struggled to get starter setups to our...

May 8, 2020

The Indy 500 has been run 103 times and only 5 times has a driver won back to back. 

Helio Castroneves - 2001 & 2002
Al Unser - 1970 & 1971
Bill Vukovich - 1953 & 1954
Mauri Rose - 1947 & 1948

Wilbur Shaw - 1939 & 1940

In those 103 races, NOBODY has ever pulled the hat trick. Wilbur Shaw is the closest having won it three times in a four year span. In 1941 he was going for history; trying to become the first person to win the race three times in a row, but also attempting to become the first four time champion (a feat only 3 men would eventually achieve). Shaw was running strong and leading the race at the three quarter mark, when a tire failure caused him to crash on the front stretch of lap 152. Fortunately he survived the crash, but that would be his final lap in the Indy 500. 

In the Majors Americas Region, Liam Quinn has won the 500 the last two years, and now goes for a historic 3-peat. One of the drivers in his way, is ironically a teammate in Christian Challiner wh...

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